Brave the Psychedelic Storm! Spinch is Available Now!

Run! Jump! Dodge! Dash! Dive! Save your babies today as Spinch launches on!

Not only will you get the strobing rainbow platformer if you pick up the game today, but you’ll get it at 33% off! We all think it's a pretty good way to give back to our fans, don't you? If you’ve ever tuned into a stream of Enter Astral Island, liked one of my gifs on Twitter (god, how many gifs I made for Twitter,) this one’s for you! 

And given that it’s launch day, you better believe we’ve got a ton of launch day festivities planned! You’ll find very cool streamers ready to lose their minds to the transcendental creatures and locations of Spinch all day on Twitch! Tomorrow, yours truly (me, Buddy) will be streaming the second episode of Buddy Gets Good: Spinch, wherein I hilariously fail at the platformer over and over again until, by sheer brute force, I progress. We’ll be hosting a speedrunning competition and even giving away a Nintendo Switch to our fans on Twitter!

That's all the news that's fit to print! Head on over to our community page to hang out with everyone else braving Astral Island's many threats and let me know what you think of our game!


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