Patch 1.6.2 Notes

Greetings, Spooky Spirits!

A new build goes live today that fixes some of the bugs and issues recently reported. Spiders should now behave as normal!

Patch Notes

  • Adjusted hitboxes and pathing for spider enemies, so that they behave as expected
  • Spider visuals have been adjusted around light, smoke, and water
  • The hitboxes of possessed objects such as keys and flowers have been adjusted
  • General performance improvements and minor bugs have been fixed


Whispering Willows - Windows 1.6.2 639 MB
Oct 26, 2019
Whispering Willows - Mac 1.6.2 656 MB
Oct 26, 2019
Whispering Willows - Linux 1.6.2 516 MB
Oct 26, 2019

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