Patch 1.1 Notes

Hey Racers, long time! Have you been cravin' a race or a little ramen?

Big Changes

  • Added Gun Shop - You can now purchase new guns at any point while in New Olympia
  • 3 New Podcast Episodes added to the Record Shop
  • Halloween Update - Starting on October 1st, this update adds Halloween decorations around the city of New Olympia, and transforms all the enemies in the game to ghoulish monsters

Minor Changes

  • Updated End-of-race summary screen to be easier to understand
  • Records can now be sold back to the record shop to remove them from the soundtrack
  • Updated walking animations in New Olympia
  • Gun models are now animated in Weapon Selection Screen
  • Weather effects have more visual variety
  • Water glistening looks more realistic

Bug Fixes

  • Kangaroo herding now pays out correct amount based on how many you killed
  • Smoke from hoverbike in Act 1 Hub now flows correctly
  • "Nice" Achievement sometimes wouldn't activate, this is fixed

Also previously we had implemented an unlockable weapon, Enzo's 'Soopa-doopa Laza-Bazooka', and New Game + mode with harder racers - so if you haven't seen those yet, more good reasons to come back to New Olympia!


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Sep 25, 2019
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Sep 25, 2019
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Sep 25, 2019

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